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hroughout the year we continued carrying out GIRE’s mission since being founded. We contributed evidence-based information and sound legal arguments to the public debate with the publication of various documents:

The Maternal Health in Yucatan website; the Valladolid case, an analysis of the challenges and opportunities in access to obstetric health services in this locality; Abortion under the magnifying glass, a document that accounts for the existing tools and obstacles for access to abortion information; and, Not one step back: guaranteeing access to legal abortion in Mexico and referendum votes, a document that analyzes the risks of using popular consultation mechanisms on abortion issues.


For ten years, we have published periodic reports on the state of reproductive rights in Mexico, unique in its kind and a reference point for the region. In 2021 we published The Road to Reproductive Justice: A Decade of Progress and Pending Issues, a systematic review of the progress, barriers, and pending issues over the last decade in terms of reproductive rights in Mexico. We presented this report at a virtual event that lasted two days and included the participation of members of the highest court of justice, as well as national and international specialists and allies. By taking place on a digital platform, it became accessible to communities in other Mexican as well as other countries.


In addition to these investigations, we opened up spaces for dialogue to reach more people and more diverse audiences. We participated in over twenty talks and in collaboration with Inteli-Iuris created the series «Let’s talk about ourselves: building sexual and reproductive rights» to approach new audiences via monthly talks that make more people more aware of what reproductive justice is, the steps to achieve it, and the tools available to exercise reproductive rights.


We maintained intense activity on social networks and in traditional media outlets, placing transcendental issues on the public agenda. We sustained growth in the number of followers who interact and share our materials online, and our publications reached almost 6 million people.


GIRE was present in 273 media outlets in 24 countries, including Mexico. Of the 611 articles that were published in which GIRE was mentioned, the highest percentage dealt with the issue of abortion. The second topic most taken up by the media was obstetric violence, followed by feminism, in which different actions that GIRE has accompanied and for which we have spoken out over the course of the year are covered.


In conclusion, we can say that 2021 was an extremely important year for GIRE in public debate, confirming that GIRE is a recognized leader in reproductive rights, specifically on the issue of abortion.

The publication of our reports and research is always well received by the media, decision makers, academia and our community of supporters.